In Memoriam

LDREP & SALDREP Founding Member: Tshidiso Jacob Mpitse

30 January 1981 to 17 July 2020

Member#: FM00023

Another LDRP and founding member of SALDREP, Tshidiso had been a CCMA part-time commissioner and panellist for the MEIBC. He started as a trade unionist, then transitioned into an Employment Relations role in the Mining Industry. He was an avid student and his leadership qualities resulted in him joining the CCMA and later the Bargaining Council as well. Tshidiso Jacob Mpitse, known as Sean, aged only 39, tragically succumbed to illness on 17 July 2020 while awaiting the results of his COVID-19 test.

Tshidiso Mpitse worked with me at Harmony Phakisa / Nyala Shaft. I first met him in 2011, when he played a role of Union Leadership and at that time I was working as HR Manager. During my engagements with Unions I noticed that Mpitse was realistic Leader and had a potential of becoming future HR Manager. In 2014 I got promoted to HR Leader position. I then appointed Mpitse to look after ER Department, as ER Officer, and one of the key performance areas was representing Phakisa in CCMA. In this field he excelled. In 2019, Mpitse resigned from Harmony and went to join CCMA. His untimely passing on shocked us as Phakisa family. May his soul rest in peace. President Tole.

– President Tole, Harmony Phakisa

I first met Tshidiso around 2014 when he came to represent Phakisa Shaft-Harmony. Always with an infectious smile, even when disagreeing profusely with the union but always willing to resolve the dispute. In those years, before joining the CCMA he appeared in front of me many times and I do not remember him going through to arbitration: He truly understood the concept of ADR. I can without fear of contradiction say that LDREP as a profession has lost a gem in the making! As for SALDREP, we lost a young Hero who when the call was made to form and join the struggle for labour reform for independent contractors, he raised his hand and said, “COUNT ME IN!”

– Sefako Mafoyane, SALDREP National Administrator

Commissioner Mpitse was one of few Commissioners that I loved. He was so humble and treated everyone with utmost respect. I am so privileged to have worked with such an amazing, strong person.

– Chrizelda Viljoen, MEIBC Case Management

On Monday 27 July 2020 at 16h00, an online memorial service will be held for Tshidiso on Zoom.

Labour Mediator, Arbitrator, SALDREP Founding Member: Sigqibo Colin Rani

30 April 1960 to 30 June 2020

Member#: FM00058

A founding member of SALDREP, Colin had been a CCMA part-time commissioner and bargaining council panellist for the past twelve years. He had a passion for training and mentoring in the field of labour law and dispute resolution. His unique combination of professionalism, kindness and sincerity will be missed by all his colleagues. It is a loss for the labour market and the profession of dispute resolution. Colin was the first LDREP and SALDREP Member that succumbed to COVID-19.

Colin was a very honourable, dedicated and focused individual and all that he wanted to do was serve and see fairness throughout society, and he did so with the highest professionalism and ethical standards.

– Mike Marawu, SALDREP Regional Administrator

Colin always spoke with a laugh that came deep from within. He had an inner joy that complemented his measured calmness and gentle soul. My last discussion with him concerned a matter he had been appointed to preside over. As always, our discussion wandered from work to the wellbeing of his fellow colleagues and friends, to whom he always showed warmth and regard. Colin, you were a good man and well loved. You will be missed.

– Tanya Venter, Tokiso CEO

On Wednesday 08 July 2020 at 16h00, an online memorial service was held for Colin on Zoom, which was attended by over 80 people. SALDREP wishes to thank all of those who participated. A link to download a recording of the service will be made available to SALDREP members.