Promoting the interests of independent labour dispute resolution practitioners in South Africa.

Why Makubenjalo?

Makubenjalo is Zulu for “Let it be”. It encompasses the following guiding principles.

  • Agreement and consensus. The organisation came about because of the support and consensus of its members
  • Democracy and collectivism, which is not only the basis of South African society, but also of our system of Labour Relations.
  • Ubuntu.. the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity – in the case of SALDREP, it connects all labour dispute resolution practitioners.

What can SALDREP provide for me as a Part-Time CCMA Commissioner or Part-Time Bargaining Council Panelist?

  • A platform to raise and debate issues relating to the profession and the work of Commissioners.
  • The opportunity to raise and escalate issues that enjoy collective support with the Management of the CCMA, Bargaining Councils and other Dispute Resolution Agencies.
  • The development of best practice principles in the profession of labour dispute resolution.
  • Provide networking opportunities with others in the profession.
  • Keep you updated on changes in legislation that may affect you.
  • Remain updated on relevant case law.

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