Welcome to SALDREP!

SALDREP is the South African Association of Labour Dispute Resolution Practitioners, a Not For Profit Association for professional Labour Dispute Resolution Practitioners (“LDRPs”).


Makubenjalo is Zulu for “Let it be so”. It encompasses the following principles:

  • Consensus and Dispute Resolution. The organisation is based on the support and consensus of our members. Our work is to resolve disputes and secure fair and appropriate outcomes.
  • Democracy. SALDREP is a democratic organisation and we promote workplace democracy and collectivism.
  • Respect and Professionalism. We are committed to these values in everything we do and say.
  • Ubuntu. We share a universal bond that connects all humanity. In the case of SALDREP, it connects all labour dispute resolution practitioners.
"My wish is for peace, and for healing
In the hearts, of the people in the world
I was told that changing the world starts
within so I’m ready!"

From 'Makubenjalo' By Lira

What can SALDREP provide for me as a professional labour dispute resolution practitioner? We provide a platform to:

  • Raise and debate issues relating to the profession and the work of all LDRPs.
  • Raise and escalate issues that enjoy collective support with the CCMA, Bargaining Councils and other Dispute Resolution Agencies.
  • Discuss and develop best practice principles in the profession of labour dispute resolution.
  • Network with others in the profession.
  • Share reportable awards and rulings.
  • Input on proposed changes to legislation that may affect our work.
  • Access relevant case law.

Symbolism behind the colourful SALDREP tree logo

  • Trees symbolise life, growth and renewal. SALDREP is a fresh and growing initiative with potential to bring about good in society and help maintain high standards in the profession.
  • SALDREP is a collaborative and democratic organisation. It depends on cooperation and a shared vision, yet – like the rainbow colours – it recognises creativity and diversity.
  • Like a tree, SALDREP does not exist for its members only, but to benefit the public and the various sectors of the economy in which our members practice.
  • A tree’s strong trunk supports its well-established branches, all the way to newly sprouted branches in a constant cycle of growth and renewal. In the same way, our members consist of a healthy balance of wise, experienced, and long-serving practitioners through to more recently appointed practitioners. Mentoring, training, excellence and continued growth and renewal forms part of the SALDREP vision.
  • The cogs on the tree pay homage to technology – which is what brought us together, even while social distancing would keep us apart. Digitisation, inter-connectivity and innovation are a focus of SALDREP.
  • The cogs represent the world of work. The practice of our chosen profession brings creative, appropriate and fair solutions to the parties we serve.
  • The cogs on the tree resemble the microscopic appearance of the COVID-19 virus strain. While COVID-19 ushered in a time of tremendous stress, death and destruction, it has also acted as a catalyst for change and a shift to “the new normal”. Technology, innovation and digitisation is part of SALDREP’s formation and our future.

Are you a part-time mediator or arbitrator, performing work for the CCMA, a Bargaining Council, Statutory Council, Accredited or Reputable Private Agency? You may be eligible for full SALDREP membership, which is being offered for free for a limited time! Click on this link and take a moment to complete your membership form. We will be in touch!